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Cosgrove Courier July 2013

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Latest Updates

New Mobile Office Location
Clayton has changed the location of his Mobile Office in Rangiora which was previously on Percival Street. Clayton will now be located on High Street in Rangiora, opposite the Post Office; 9am to 10am every Monday. Look out for the Red Bus! Feel free to drop in and have a chat with Clayton.

Media Statement: Labour to protect subbies in construction failures

Labour’s Commerce spokesperson Clayton Cosgrove will introduce a supplementary order paper to the Construction Contracts Amendment Bill to ensure subcontractors are paid for the work they’ve done when construction companies collapse.

“As we’ve seen with the likes of Mainzeal, the biggest losers in construction company failures are subcontractors,” says Clayton Cosgrove.

“The hundreds of subbies affected are at the back of the creditor queue and are the last cab off the rank when it comes to payments.

“Last year Labour said it would work with industry to develop a solution to protect the payments that subbies are rightfully owed.

“As a result of consultation, we are proposing a simple fix to protect subcontractors working on big commercial projects as the major problems with collapses tend to exist within the commercial sector. This policy will not apply to the residential sector.

“The proposal will require developers to set up an independent trust to receive progress payments that would normally go directly to the lead contractor. In the event of a lead contractor’s collapse the money in that trust will be ringfenced from receivers to ensure subbies get paid.

“The trust will be a secure holding station and payments will pass through it. It will not in any way interfere with contractual obligations and will not interfere with payment timing.

“In practice this means money will flow from the developer through the trust to be paid out to subcontractors and the lead contractor under whatever contractual arrangements are negotiated by them. In the event of a lead contractor’s collapse monies held within the trust will be ringfenced from the receiver and be paid out to subcontractors for work they have done.

“These arrangements are now in place in New South Wales at minimal cost to the industry. We will work with business to fine-tune any regulations as needed.

“If the developer does not want to establish a trust they can utilise the facilities of the Public Trust Office rather than setting up their own,” says Clayton Cosgrove.

Local Bowling Clubs’ Closing Ceremonies

I had a great day last Saturday doing the rounds of the local bowling clubs’ closing ceremonies. There are some highly skilled bowlers in our community, and some of them are pictured below in a photo from the closing ceremony at the Woodend Bowling Club.

Weekly Radio interview on Newstalk ZB
Today (Monday the 14th of April), I had my weekly radio slot with Chris Lynch on Newstalk ZB. We talked about a number of relevant local issues including the Royal tour, the Maori Cultural Hub, and what happened to our “rock star” economy as 85 jobs go. Take a look at the link here and let me know what you think.

Clayton Cosgrove MP confirmed as candidate for Waimakariri
Member of Parliament Clayton Cosgrove has today been unanimously confirmed as the Labour Candidate for the Waimakariri Electorate in the September 2014 General Election. Mr Cosgrove represented the seat from 1999 to 2011. Since 2011 he has continued to work and advocate for the community as a local MP. Mr Cosgrove said he was honoured to once again be selected to contest the seat and represent the people of Waimakariri. Although the proposed boundary changes appear to make the race tougher Mr Cosgrove said he is up for the challenge. “The people I talk with in Waimakariri have told me they want a strong local voice advocating for their needs and representing them.” Mr Cosgrove said his long association and deep links with the Electorate will ensure voters know he will stand up for them.

Darnley Club in Kaiapoi visit
I had a lovely visit with our local Day care for the elderly at the Darnley Club in Kaiapoi, these amazing volunteers, under the guidance of Tania and Chris provide great recreational activities on a day to day basis and it’s always great to catch up for a chat and a cuppa, I even managed to get a refresher course in euchre!!!